Zonescan Alpha - Permanent Network Monitoring

Zonescan Alpha - Permanent Network Monitoring

Type Of Detector
Water Leak Detection

ZoneScan Alpha as their all-in-one intelligent water loss management system to permanently and sustainably reduce Non-Revenue Water. Once installed, the system will automatically notify you of every leak in the monitored pipe network and at the same time give you exact locations of every leak.

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Key Features

Fully automatic and unmanned
Engineered to perfection
The advantages of a fixed network
Modularity of the ZoneScan platform
Self-learning system
Full transparency of the system
Attractive and versatile user interface
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Zonescan Alpha (based on Gutermann's Zonescan 820 correlating radio logger platform) is the revolution in intelligent water loss managent technologies. It is the only independent truly unmanned fixed network monitoring system that allows you to correlate, exclude false positives, pinpoint leaks, retrieve historical data, listen to leak sound remotely, all from the comfort of your office. No more undetected leaks. No more uncontrolled leak run-times. No more "dry holes" due to non-leak noise sources in the pipes.

System Configuration

Correlating ZoneScan 820 loggers
Radio repeaters
Communication links
"Alpha" units
Ruggedised PDAs


Ingress protection: IP68 (2 metres) for loggers and repeaters, IP67 for Alphas
Battery life: 5 years for loggers and repeaters
Construction: Aluminium (plus discrete UPVC casing for repeaters), fibre-reinforced and UV resistant plastic for Alphas
Dimensions: 10cm x 4cm (4 x 1.6”) for loggers, 19.5 x 5 x 5cm (8 x 2 x 2”) for repeaters
Weight: 310 grams (0.7lbs) for loggers
Temperature range: -20ᵒ to +80ᵒC (-4° to +176°F) for loggers, repeaters and Alpha
Communication: Bi-directional proprietary radio between loggers and Alpha, GPRS from Alpha to control cente

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