Services - Find water leak without excavation

GA-52Cx Most Sensitive

Tracing water pipelines

Step 1

Tracing water pipelines A precision locator ( RD 8000 ) is used to energize and trace the water line, so as to get the exact location, depth and length of the pipeline.

Leak noise corelators

Step 2

Leak noise corelators will be used to collect leak noise data and correlations.

The number of data recordings shall differ, depending on the fluid flow and the pressure in the water lines.

Aquascan 610 corelator is a product of Gutermann, Switzerland. As water escapes it rubs against the pipe wall creating a vibration. Greater pressure increases the velocity and noise. A leak will be a constant high pitched noise that these will record and located within the sensors.

GA-52Cx Most Sensitive

GA-52Cx Most Sensitive

Ground Microphone / Listening Stick

Step 3

A ground microphone / listening stick that shall be used at the confirmed leak location to have the highest accuracy, so as to give the precise leak location.

Aquascope 3 is a product of Gutermann, Switzerland. A compact piece of microphone specialized to listen to the vibrations in the ground and give definitive location of the leak.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Step 4

A Ground Penetrating radar unit shall be used to confirm the soil condition in the area, as the moisture content in the soil shall be a function of Leak present.

Mala GPR (Sweden) / Sensors & Software ( Canada ). The intensity of the reflected signal is, primarily, a function of the contrast in the dielectric constant at the interface and the conductivity of the material, which the wave is travelling through.

GA-52Cx Most Sensitive