Type Of Detector
Water Leak Detection

The RD545 is an advanced electronic ground microphone designed to amplify the noise generated by water escaping from underground supply pipes under pressure.

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Key Features

Automatic level modulation
6 measurement frequencies / filters
Integrated hearing protection
Operating time greater than 12 hours
Ambient light sensitive display
Microprocessor controlled
Piezoelectric microphones
Minimum level indication
Automatic data saving feature
Switchable evaluation procedure


Identifying the position of the loudest leak noise indicates the likely position of a leak. The system features a highly sensitive ground microphone, that can detect even the smallest leaks. Measurements are saved to the central unit, allowing the operator to compare readings over time.

The integrated Digital Signal processing provides 6 different analog signal filters that help to suppress unwanted noises. The LCD shows the last 6 measurements graphically and numerically. The unique adjust function automatically optimizes the indication sensitivity of the test rod. With simple one-button operation and a large display that automatically adjusts brightness, the RD545 is the ideal leak locator for a wide variety of domestic and industrial applications.

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