Type Of Detector
Water Leak Detection

The RD522 water pressure logger measures and stores pressure-related data and is optimized for the water supply and service industry.

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Key Features

Solid watertight housing (no plug or connection sockets)
Foil-protected keyboard for on-site programming
Extremely high memory capacity for more than 240,000 measurements
Error rate better than 0.1% of final value at 20°C
Data transfer via infrared to USB
10-year battery life
Suitable for deployment in critical water delivery areas to measure max/min demand


The RD522 saves up to 240,000 measurements in an accessible digital format and stores them to local non-volatile memory. The logger can be connected to a PC or to a GSM module via an infrared adapter. Measurement time can vary from several seconds to several months for long-term data acquisition. The RD522 water pressure logger is ideally suited to the following applications.

  • Pressure monitoring in the water supply industry
  • Pipe network calculations
  • Fire Hydrant checks
  • Pressure check measurements

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