Type Of Detector
Water Leak Detection

The RD521 wireless noise logging system sets a new benchmark for water infrastructure servicing.

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Key Features

Acoustic zone monitoring
Rapid leak location from a mobile unit
Multiple RD521s can be deployed across a large water network
Reliable robust loggers with battery life up to 10 years
Portable receiver can be mounted to allow fast, efficient coverage of deployed transmitters
Data is GPS and GIS compatible


The system relies on any number of permanently installed noise loggers deployed across zones or District Metered Areas within a water supply network. The loggers detect and store noise generated by water leaks. Loggers can be installed at valves, hydrants, water meters and other fittings.

To retrieve this information, the operator can mount the receiver to a vehicle. The noise loggers will automatically send saved measurements wirelessly, where they will be recorded and analyzed by the drive by receiver. Using this method, an operator can check between 220 and 350km (140 and 220 miles) of water pipes per day.

The RD521 can retrieve information from an unlimited number of loggers. Each logger saves and transmits measurements every 5 seconds for the duration of its 10-year battery life. This makes the RD521 the ideal choice for managing leaks in very large water supply networks.

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