MALÅ Rough Terrain Antenna (RTA) System

MALÅ Rough Terrain Antenna (RTA) System

Type Of Detector
Ground Penetrating Radars

The unique MALÅ RTA System is based on the MALÅ ProEx Control Unit and changes the face of low-frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveying.

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MALÅ RTA System: A GPR for extreme environments

The MALÅ RTA System is based on the MALÅ ProEx System and the MALÅ RTA antennas. It is designed to operate with one person in the most extreme environments. This is made possible due to the arti-culated/flexible design of the MALÅ RTA antennas. The electronics are secure inside a metal case, and the flexible antenna elements enable the system to curve and bend along a single-track profile for optimal ground-coupling even in the roughest terrains.


Environmental Investigations

Mapping of Groundwater Resources

Landfill Delineation

Site Assessment

River and Lake Bottom Profiling

Stratigraphic Assessment

Soil Conductivity Mapping

Rock Fracture Detection and Mapping

Peat Investigations

Snow Thickness Measurement

Tech Specs

The MALÅ RTA System is based on the MALÅ ProEx Control Unit. The technical specifications for the MALÅ RTA Atennas are:

Antenna: Weight: Dimension:
RTA 30 MHz 7.8 kg (incl. batteries) 13.06 m long Tx-Rx distance: 6 m
RTA 50 MHz 7.0 kg (incl. batteries) 9.25 m long Tx-Rx distance: 4 m
RTA 100 MHz 6.0 kg (incl. batteries) 6.56 m long Tx-Rx distance: 2 m


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