MALÅ GPR ProEx System

MALÅ GPR ProEx System

Type Of Detector
Ground Penetrating Radars

A MALÅ ProEx System is a versatile full range ground penetrating radar system with features that no other ground penetrating radar system can match.

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MALÅ ProEx Array Option

The base in the MALÅ MIRA System is the MALÅ ProEx Control Unit and its Array Option. With this option, the MALÅ ProEx Control Unit allows for a true 3D GPR solution.

MALÅ ProEx: Full Range GPR unit

The MALÅ Professional Explorer (ProEx) Control Unit is a modular, full-range Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) unit designed to meet the needs of the advanced professional user.

Designed on a completely new technical platform, the MALÅ ProEx is the most versatile control unit in the MALÅ Geoscience range and replaces the World famous RAMAC/GPR CUII as the new high-end full range system

MALÅ ProEx: 3 optional modules available

MALÅ Geoscience's modular design apporach offer a flexible and affordable choice to system configuration. Following to the MALÅ ProEx Control Unit is three available modules; optical, coax and HF.

What every you application is or choice of antennas, the MALÅ ProEx and its modules provide not only a great variety but also multi-channel functionality


Utility Mapping

Void Detection

Tunnel Assessment Surveys

Post- Pre-tension Cable Location

Rebar Location

In-Slab Conduit Location

Void Detection in Concrete

Slab Thickness Measurement

Concrete Evaluation

Road Evaluation

Bridge Deck Evaluation

Railway Ballast Evaluation

Runway Evaluation

Environmental Investigations

Mapping of Groundwater Resources

Landfill Delineation

Contaminant Plume Profiling

Site Assessment

Hazardous Material Delineation

River and Lake Bottom Profiling

Karst Environment Evaluation

Sinkhole Investigation

Stratigraphic Assessment

Soil Conductivity Mapping

Rock Fracture Detection and Mapping

Cavity Detection

Peat Investigations

Ore Delineation

Archaeological Investigations

Cemetery Mapping

Anthropological Remains Location

Ancient Building and Foundation Location

Avalanche Investigation

Snow Thickness Measurement

Ice Thickness Measurement

Crevasse Detection

Tree Trunk and Root assessment

Buried Objects Location (evidence, landmines, unexploded ordinance, IED, ammunition)

Tunnel Detection

Tech Specs

Pulse repetition freq 100, 200 kHz, not interleaved
Data bits 16
Nr. of samples/trace 128-2048, in standard configuration, other on request
Nr. of stacks 1 – 32768 and auto stacking
Samplings frequency 0.2 – >400 GHz
Signal stability <70ps
Communication interface Ethernet
Communication speed 100Mbit/s
Data transfer rate Antenna dependent
Acquisition modes Distance/time/manual
Power supply 12V MALÅ standard battery / external battery
Operating time Typically 5 hours, antenna dependent
Software GroundVision2 or MALÅ Monitor
Antennas All MALÅ manufactured
Wheel inputs 1 master, 1 for each HF-unit
Operating temp -20°C to +50°C
Environmental IP 65
Power requirements @ 12VDC
Main unit Expansion unit Optical module HF-module Coaxial module
0.9A 0.4A 0.9A 0.4A
Auxiliary port configuration
Analogue input Digital output Digital input Latched input Communication
6 8 3 4 RS232, I2C
Number of recording channels and physical antennas in different configurations
Default 1 expansion unit 2 expansion units 3 expansion units
Recording channels 4 8 12 16
Physical antennas 2 4 6 8
Item Height[cm] Width[cm] Depth[cm] Weight[kg]
Base unit 32.50 22.20 4.20 1.9
Modules (all) 12.00 9.90 6.40 0.4
Base unit with 2 modules and battery 32.50 22.20 9.70 3.3
Expansion unit 16.10 22.20 4.20 1.25
Imperial units
Base unit 12.80 8.74 1.65 1.9
Modules (all) 4.72 3.90 2.52 0.4
Base unit with 2 modules and battery 12.80 8.74 3.82 3.3
Expansion unit 6.34 8.74 1.65 1.25



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