MINI MIRA systems

MINI MIRA systems

Type Of Detector
Ground Penetrating Radars

​The main application for the MALÅ MiniMIRA is utility detection, the system can also be used for various high resolution investigation within archeology, concrete inspections and forensics.

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Real-time support of high-end positioning systems
Dedicated software suited for MALÅ MiniMIRA 3D array data
Ground coupled antennas for maximum near surface resolution
Can be hand-pushed or vehicle-mounted

Tech Specs

Control Unit MALÅ ProEx with array option
Dimension Box 104x70x47 cm (WxLxH)
Weight (except computer) 66 kg
Power Li-FE PO 4 Battery 12V 30Ah
Pulse Repetition Frequency 200 kHz
Suitable Target depth Up to 4 meters
Number of data channels 8 channels
Number of samples Up to 1024
Standard Antenna Frequency 400 MHz (options available)
Communication Point to point Ethernet, 100Mbit/s
Positioning input Supports all major RTK, GPS and total Stations
Environmenta IP65

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