ARIADNA IF3: LV phase identifier

ARIADNA IF3: LV phase identifier

Type Of Detector
Cable Identifier

This equipment has been designed to identify on live networks the link between Low Voltage (LV) customers and MV/LV transformer and phase.

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Key Features

Works on live networks, without de-energizing the line
Three phases can be identified in a few seconds
Central and Line Unit communicate by means of coded messages through the distribution network
One Central Unit and multiple Line Units may be used
Usable by a single operator
Operational for all kinds of Low Voltage network configurations
“Plug and Play”. Contains what is needed to start working


A large problem for utilities is the lack of good customer connectivity data, and this information is of key importance for managing distribution networks effectively. On smart grids it is imperative to have an up-to-date electric model reflected on GIS, nevertheless any hope of achieving automation and reducing outage duration will be lost.

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