AQUASCOPE 3 - Ground Microphone

AQUASCOPE 3 - Ground Microphone

Type Of Detector
Water Leak Detection

The AquaScope 3 is a highly sensitive ground microphone designed to enable plumbers and leakage technicians find leaks under sealed surfaces like roads.

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Key Features

Practical design and high portability
Simple and straight forward operation
High-quality and maintenance free
“Minimum Level Profiling” function
Leak detection With high quality connectors
High-performance sensor technology
High quality connectors
light-weight yet robust amplifier housing and cables


Ground Microphones are used to pinpoint leaks under sealed surfaces (roads) The additional sensitivity of the ground microphone make it the best solution for pipes buried deeper than 500mm.

The digital acoustic technology combined with high spec components provide a much clearer sound with less interference or static noise than other equipment.

System Configuration

1 x Amplifier with Waist Strap
1 x Ground Microphone
1 x Cable (Amplifier to Microphone)
1 x Headphones

Optional equipment

Carry Case
Aviation Quality Headphones

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