Aquascope 3 - Electronic Listening Stick

Aquascope 3 - Electronic Listening Stick

Type Of Detector
Water Leak Detection

The AquaScope 3 is a small compact electronic listening stick designed for use by leakage technicians on leakage surveys and for plumbers to find leaks in residential and commercial properties.

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Key Features

Practical design and high portability
Simple and straight forward operation
High-quality and maintenance free
“Minimum Level Profiling”
Amplification and higher sensitivity
A universal headphone jack lets you work with your favourite headphones.


Electronic Listening Sticks are used in leakage surveys of water distribution networks and by plumbers to find leaks in residential and commercial properties

Being a light weight unit suitable for single handed operation with an array of advanced features this electronic listening stick is suitable for both applications. The pointed rod is used in the localisation stage making direct contact on accessible pipes and fittings and can be inserted into soft ground in the pinpointing stage.

System Configuration

1 x Amplifier with Waist Strap
1 x Acoustic Microphone for use with rods, tripod or magnet
1 x Cable (Amplifier to Microphone)
2 x Extension Rods and 1 Pointed Rod
1 x Magnet
1 x Tripod Foot
1 x Headphones

Optional Equipment

Carry Case
Aviation Quality Headphones

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