AQUASCAN TM2 - Trunk Main & Plastic Pipe Correlator

AQUASCAN TM2 - Trunk Main & Plastic Pipe Correlator

Type Of Detector
Water Leak Detection

Powerful high-end touchscreen correlator designed specifically to find leaks on large diameter pipes over long distances – intelligent, non-intrusive and user-friendly. This correlator is currently the most advanced correlator in the industry.

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Key Features

Designed for tough conditions and materials
New, advanced algorithms and functions
Cost-effective and very user-friendly
Increased convenience for the experts on the TM2
Increased signal/noise ratio by 40%, which helps find even quieter leaks
The operator can either listen stereo to both sensors or to each sensor individually
Stainless steel housing provides
Shock-proof rubber padding and a colour touchscreen complete the kit.


The AQUASCAN TM has been specifically designed for the use on large diameter pipes and for extremely difficult situations. With higher processing speeds of a tablet PC, new signal processing technology and accelerometer sensors with additional sensitivity in the low frequency range

System Configuration

1 Colour Touchscreen PC with rugged protection and carry strap
2 Stainless steel low frequency accelerometer transmitter-sensors
2 Stainless steel hydrophones
2 Antenna Extension Cables and Antenna Stands
1 Vehicle Charging Set (12 Volt)
1 100-240V AC adapter
1 Carry Case
1 Operating manual
2 Years warranty

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