RD 8000

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to carry to any location. One hand operation.
  • Made in UK
  • Avoid penalities paid to power companies for cable cuts.
  • Did you know “using a cable avoidance tool like CAT4 is mandatory in United Kingdom & other countries prior to excavating”
  • Safeguard your investment. Do not let a unnecessary cable cut cost you lakhs of Rs. In downtime at your factory

A few of our clients...

Cable Avoidance Tool CAT - 4

Dig Safely - Avoid utility before digging

Avoid Explosions

With one wrong contact the operator may start an explosion which can cause severe and permanent bodily injuries, including death. With CAT4, worker safety is our #1 concern.

Avoid Electrocution

Detect any live power cable underground using the "Power" mode and then simply trace the cable route underground without digging. Avoid life threatening excavating accidents.

Avoid Downtime

A single accidental cable cut can be the cause of severe disruption resulting in valuable financial and productivity loss to companies. With CAT4 detect ant metallic utility underground.

Avoid Penalties

Damaging utilities can cost you heavily. With CAT4 avoid severe fines and repair costs imposed by government bodies.

Cable Avoidance Tools in action in India

Gurgoan - HT Power Line

Indira Gandhi Airport - T3 Terminal

Steel Authority of India - Rourkela

Many more cases of avoided cable cuts all over India.
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CAT 4 Specs

The C.A.T4™ and Genny4™ range represents the latest evolution of the highly popular Cable Avoidance Tools, as pioneered by Radiodetection, enabling operators to work more efficiently, more safely and to manage their C.A.T4 and Genny4 fleet more effectively.

Detect more, detect faster

The new C.A.T4 digital platform delivers highly refined locate capabilities, specifically designed to help the operator find more buried utilities. The C.A.T4 Avoidance Mode™ lets the operator check an intended excavation area for Power, Radio and Genny signals, and pinpoint located utilities in a single scan. Features such as the bargraph ‘tidemark’ enable an operator to quickly spot a peak response and zero-in on a buried conductor.

The new Genny4, with a new integrated logic design, provides a class-first simultaneous dual-frequency signal output design. Alongside the familiar 33kHz locate signal for general purpose locates, the Genny4 transmits a second frequency designed to facilitate location of small diameter cables such as telecoms and street lighting, including spurs. For tricky locates, the new power boost function enables the locate signal to travel further and deeper, and couple onto utilities more easily.

Network Rail use

The C.A.T4 and Genny4, and their accessories, are accepted for use on the UK’s national rail infrastructure, managed by Network Rail. C.A.T4 and Genny4 Cable Location Equipment is accepted for use on Network Rail infrastructure within the defined scope of acceptance and any specific conditions in the certificate. It must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Dig more safely

Radiodetection’s proprietary StrikeAlert™ has been improved to reduce the number of shallow cable strikes. The C.A.T4 guides users towards better and safer working practices through its optional SWING™ Rate detector and Service Due date warning.

Optional data acquisition capabilities allow Plant Supervisors to administer their fleet more safely and effectively by providing comprehensive logs of C.A.T4 usage for analysis and personnel development.

C.A.T4 is a safety-critical precision instrument and the optional 30-day countdown to the Service Due date, CALSafe™ and innovative eCert™ on-line system calibration validation capabilities are designed to reinforce company and recommended service policies.


Minimise the risk of hitting a shallow cable with the optional StrikeAlert™ which has been enhanced and optimised to reduce the instances of false warnings.

Data Acquisition

eC.A.T4™ series products can store over a year’s worth of the key measurements and modes of operation. C.A.T Manager™ can be used to export log files to enable detailed data usage analysis offering multiple benefits such as identifying training and development needs, and providing independent historical records of the instrument’s use. Backed-up data on a PC gives virtually unlimited record keeping for the life of the product.

Dynamic Overload Protection

Radiodetection’s unique digital signal processing capabilities equips the C.A.T4 with the ability to reject electrical interference. Dynamic Overload Protection gives C.A.T4 series products the ability to continue operating in electrically challenging areas, such as near substations and under power cables, where other locators’ detection circuitry may be overloaded and no longer function.

Avoidance ModeTM

Sweep an area of Power, Radio and Genny signals simultaneously, saving time. C.A.T4 lets operators control the sensitivity of each mode/signal, enabling buried utilities to be pinpointed in a single pass, while Real Sound provides audio feedback derived directly from the utility located, easing identification to maximise speed whilst maintaining safety.


eCert provides a fast and thorough test of key circuitry elements within C.A.T4, and validates their Validationperformance against the original factory calibration over the internet. eCert™, activated through the C.A.T Manager software, provides a fast, thorough and convenient test of the key locating circuitry within C.A.T4, and validates its performance against the original factory calibration. Following an eCert test pass, a Radiodetection Calibration Certificate for that C.A.T4 can be printed or saved. What's more, C.A.T Manager can reproduce the original factory calibration certificate, or any eCert certificates that it has produced, on demand. For a complete maintenance package, Radiodetection also offers exhaustive factory-backed service and recalibration options including full mechanical integrity inspection and function testing.

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